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I'm a fiesty, five-foot-nothing engineer and designer who attacks product and service design problems using both my left and right brain. I developed a deep passion for customers and understanding their needs during my six years in manufacturing when I felt a disconnect working far upstream from my customers.

This passion to understand my customers led me to move to Kenya for six months so I could better understand my customer at the time—small holder farmers. 

While in Kenya, I spent time learning and applying Human Centered Design principles as I saw these principles linking creative and analytical problem solving strategies. 


I am currently working to enhance my ability to solve customer centered problems by obtaining an MBA/MA in Design Leadership from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Maryland Institute College of Art.

Upon graduating I look to apply my past project management experiences honed during my time in manufacturing and my design and business skills crafted in graduate school to identify, ideate, create, and deliver innovative products and services to consumers. 

Design Relentlessly,

Erica Duffy

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