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I went to change my tampon in the bathroom of my new apartment and there was no where for me to place my tampon while I did my business. I was frustrated, I was annoyed, but I was also motivated to solve this problem. I began to ask friends where they placed their tampon before use so that it was easily accessible. I was always met with homemade storage solutions or my favorite, "Well, if there is nowhere, sometimes I hold it in my mouth." As much as I love a good DIY solution, I thought there should be a professional product for easy access of tampons while on the commode. The idea for TamPal was created. 

Since that initial idea, I have created two different product designs. One for easy storage and access of products at home and one for universal free vending of tampons and pads in commercial bathrooms.

TamPal is still in the prototyping phase so stay tuned for updates!

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