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I have been DIYing for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite activities is to give an object a second life, or third, or fourth. This is a bookcase that has moved across the United States with me since I was an undergraduate student. It has had six homes and three transformations since I found it sitting in the alley behind my parents house in Chicago.


When I move from California to Maryland I decided to give it a matte teal make-over from its previous crackle paint finish. What I didn't realize was how hard it was to sand a crackle finish completely flat by hand. When you love to DIY and live in an apartment sometimes you have to get creative. I ended up renting an orbital sander and creating a sanding booth in my shower, the only place I could somewhat contain the dust and reach an outlet.

Continue to visit this page to see what DIY projects I have in the works!

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