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Grow Food Security

Client Corteva Agriscience

Role Project Lead | Designer | Food Security Fellow

The Challenge

To develop a platform to engage and educate the public on global agriculture, especially the millennial population.

The Solution

Created an Instagram platform and, @GrowFoodSecurity  used to post both educational and fun facts about global agriculture and food security. Designed profile logo to reflect company brand.


The average age of a farmer in the United States is >50 years. This is not only an issue in the United States but globally as less and less young people choose to pursue careers in agriculture. While working with small scale farmers in Kenya, I wanted to engage millennials globally on topics of basic agriculture, food security, gender equality in farming, and agriculture technology.


Content Creation and User Experience

Instagram content was developed throughout the week to educate on different agriculture topics. Mondays featured "Moo Cow Monday," a fun way for followers to ease into the week. I used photos that I took of cows while out doing my field work or reposted cows from other Instagram pages. Tuesdays were "Agritech Tuesday," which highlighted a local or global achievement in agriculture technology. Each week time was spent conducting research on websites and social media to find agricultural technology topics that were currently trending. Wednesday-Friday posts were reserved for pieces on what I was learning about farming locally, youth in agriculture, or women in agriculture. Saturday featured a post from the local newspaper that published a weekly section on agriculture entitled "Seeds of Gold."

Posts were monitored for engagement and feedback from Instagram followers. Content adjustments were made to weekly content based on feedback to increase viewership and engagement.


At the end of my position in this role, I handed off the content creation to the next Corteva Food Security Fellow to continue to cultivate.


The client's company name, Corteva, means "heart" and "nature." I included both of these elements into the design of the Instagram profile symbol, the "Heart Corn." The color scheme was designed to be complementary to the company's brand colors.

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